Had a Great East Coast Trip!

I had an awesome time visiting Charlotte and trekking there and back! I stopped through New Orleans and Atlanta to catch up with old college friends from my days in Hawai’i! I was able to be in Atlanta for the Super Bowl (not that I am a football fan, but it’s always neat to be around the energy of a home city sports fanship)! I played 4 shows in Charlotte and met lots of wonderful people! I played with the likes of Hannah Case, Mitch Hayes, Deaf Comet, This Was Your Life, and Lions in Space. I even got a chance to record a Tiny Stage Concert with Louis Beeler and Al Lemmond that will hit YouTube in March!

I also helped my dear friend find a wedding dress and did lots of visiting and catching up with my friends and family in Charlotte, NC! To top everything off, I trucked it from Atlanta to Austin in a 16-hour voyage to get to my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. I am finally home and rested up! Thank you, everyone, for the journey and the love!