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Megan Flechaus Biography

Megan is a jazz, blues, and folk-influenced singer-songwriter. She began writing and playing music when she was 15 years old. She expresses thought provoking lyric through soulful tone and eccentric chord voicings. Her song, Moon Mansion, off an early EP appeared in the Indie Film, King’s Faith, filmed in her home city of Rochester, NY. She released her first full-length album, New, in October 2014.

Megan was born in Brockport, a suburb of Rochester, NY. While she always sang songs to herself, she focused mainly on travel soccer until the age of 15. It was then that she dug her father’s old guitar out of the depths of her basement, dusted it off, and hid away in her bedroom learning as much as she could. Her first performance, in her living room in front of her parents, remains the most terrifying performance of her life. But, after breaking the ice, she received endless support and encouragement from her family.

At age 17, she graduated high school and set off to study astronomy at The University of Hawai’i at Hilo. (It was her passion for astronomy that later influenced her to purchase her most beloved guitar, a ‘98 Takamine Celestial which she lovingly named The Goddess). While in Hilo, she began playing with a local band called The New Year Romantics as a backup singer. After gaining friendship and confidence through this experience she returned to New York to continue her studies closer to home.

In 2012, she moved to Charlotte, NC where she began developing her style and performance. After a great deal of introspective writing, she began to record her first full-length album, New, Photo by Noah Smithwith John Brighton at Mabby Road Studios. Together, they slowly chipped away at this project for two years. She released New in October of 2014. Shortly following her release, she and Brian Raynor started a blues and jazz influenced band called Pearl Hill.

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In 2015, she moved to Austin, TX in pursuit of furthering her music career and jamming with Austin’s finest. She met and befriended who later became the five members of Lady Jams (Jamie Kunning, Lucy Bergin, Megan Flechaus, Sam Goss, and Sara Louise). What started as five singers getting together to share songs and inspire each other, quickly turned into a writing collaboration between five powerful women. Due to life changes of some of the Sunshinerband members, Lady Jams came to a close in the spring of 2017. The 5 members remain friends and wish each other luck on their new life journeys.

Megan also plays her upright bass, lovingly named Vivian (seen in lower right photo), in several other Austin projects. She plays and sings harmonies for singer-songwriter Braden Guess.  She is a member of the band Sunshiner in which she sings harmony, plays bass, and helps arrange tunes with lead singer Natalie Sun Atwater and guitarist and vocalist Luke Bellet. The band focuses on the subjects of independence, love, and social justice. Light Meets MindShe is also a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist in a heady duo project called Light Meets Mind with all around musical talent, Joseph Drennan. The two co-write and arrange original pieces on social and philosophical topics ranging from the obsession with the selfie to impermanence.

Megan has formed a band around her original compositions known as FlecHaus. Band members are Dominick Chaillot, Kenzie Slottow, Sara Louise, Joseph Drennan and Daniel Robertson. The band recorded six singles, with producer Benjamin Alan Levy, that they released one at a time from May-December of 2017. Go to CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, etc to find their music! The band’s released their single Pitter Patter in tandem with a music video filmed by Mercury Atlas Productions. Click here to view the music video! They also released a music video for, “Tell Me Something,” that they recorded at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town with filmmaker Jason Schaub. Check out the video on YouTube!

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