Had a Great East Coast Trip!

I had an awesome time visiting Charlotte and trekking there and back! I stopped through New Orleans and Atlanta to catch up with old college friends from my days in Hawai’i! I was able to be in Atlanta for the Super Bowl (not that I am a football fan, but it’s always neat to be around the energy of a home city sports fanship)! I played 4 shows in Charlotte and met lots of wonderful people! I played with the likes of Hannah Case, Mitch Hayes, Deaf Comet, This Was Your Life, and Lions in Space. I even got a chance to record a Tiny Stage Concert with Louis Beeler and Al Lemmond that will hit YouTube in March!

I also helped my dear friend find a wedding dress and did lots of visiting and catching up with my friends and family in Charlotte, NC! To top everything off, I trucked it from Atlanta to Austin in a 16-hour voyage to get to my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. I am finally home and rested up! Thank you, everyone, for the journey and the love!

Flechaus & the Thresholds’ First Show!!!

Flechaus and the Thresholds had our first show last night (1/4/17) at One-2-One Bar in Austin, TX. We had an absolute blast! Going into this, we were a little nervous, but we feel we pulled it together pretty nicely for a first show. Dom and I have been playing together for a while now, Kenzie and Nathan made amazing new contributions and breathed new life into this music! We’re looking forward to getting more comfy and working out some more interesting elements. Fine sound and lighting were bestowed upon us. Thanks again One-2-One!

We were joined by lots of good friends and ended the night with a jam at one of those friend’s home! Special thank you to Adam S. for the photos and Jack Magic for the video! Great night!

Flechaus and the Thresholds


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