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FlecHaus is a multi-award winning Austin-based folk-rock band with influences ranging from Motown R&B to Jazz and Country. Winner of the 2017 L.A. Music Critic Awards for Best Group Single and Fan Favorite, FlecHaus continues to release new material to critical acclaim. With six new singles, produced by Benjamin Alan Levy, and over 20K views on YouTube, Flechaus is poised for a huge 2018.

FlecHaus consists of Kenzie Slottow on flute and supporting vocals, Daniel Robertson on the kit and supporting vocals, Dominick Chaillot on bass, Sara Louise on supporting vocals, Joe Drennan on guitar, and Megan Flechaus on lead vocals and guitar. The band has congealed a variety of musical backgrounds into one unique sound.

Megan began writing and playing music when she was 15. Her song, Moon Mansion, off an early EP appeared in the Indie Film, King’s Faith, filmed in her home city of Rochester, NY. She released her first full-length album, New, in October 2014. She also performs around Austin solo, and on upright bass with the trio Sunshiner, and the duo Light Meets Mind (with Joe Drennan). Megan loves cats and can’t possibly imagine a life without wine or cheese.

Dominick began playing bass at age 13 and has since played in bands of various genres, including, blues, jazz, swamp pop, punk, metal, and folk. The most enigmatic of all the band members, Dominick is an international man of mystery. An enigma wrapped in a riddle stuffed into a tater tot. Equally at home in a dive bar as he is in a hole in the wall. Dominick enjoys whiskey, motorcycles, and difficult women. He is a bassist extraordinaire, award-winning puppy cuddler, all around swell fellow.

Sara is a singer-songwriter and harmonization expert. She grew up learning music on the streets; only to find out she’s pretty decent at it, so Megan was like “what the hell, why not join my band?” Sara performs solo and, from time to time, with her full band Sweet Louise. She spends her days teaching for TuneBugz Music Together and her nights making music and art. Sara is always good for a sarcastic comment and awkwardly placed joke during a show.

Kenzie applies her classical training to explorations in folk, rock, blues, Celtic music and nature-inspired minimalism, using percussive techniques and beatboxing to round out her style. Some of her main influences are Ian Anderson and Lindsey Stirling. As a dancer and electro-acoustic performer, she has collaborated with composers to premiere works at composition conferences around the country, and choreographed many of the songs on her 2015 EP “Hold It Up To The Sun” with contemporary breakdancer Yuki Ishiguro. Kenzie is a Ravenclaw die-hard Buffy and Xena fan. She enjoys hiking, farming, and medieval fiction.

Daniel, a software engineer by day but musician by night, has a background in a variety of genres including jazz, latin, rudimental percussion, and choral singing. He gigs regularly with the Inside Out Steelband, playing steel pan, engine room percussion, and drums. His main passion for performing came from marching band, and in the summer of 2011 toured with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, winning the Drum Corp International championship. Daniel is also a founding member of RLTVS with Bill Mullarky and is heavily involved in the Austin choral scene, singing with several of the city’s top ensembles including Ars Longa, Austin Cantorum, and Inversion Ensemble. He also loves hiking and is on a quest to try every veggie burger in Austin.

The band formed around Megan’s compositions, but they have begun co-writing ventures as well. In late 2017, the band released a series of 6 singles along with two music videos. “Tell Me Something,” Dominick and Megan’s first co-write, was released along with a music video filmed by Jason Schaub, on Dec 9th, 2017. You can find it on iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, YouTube and more! The band also released their single, “Pitter Patter,” in tandem with a music video filmed by Mercury Atlas Productions. The band is now focused heavily on performing shows around Austin and the surrounding areas.

Pitter Patter Shoot